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Von A wie Aikido bis Z wie Zumba: Wir bieten Euch ein breites Sportangebot, bei dem für jeden etwas dabei ist. Hier findet Ihr das aktuelle Sportprogramm des Semesters, die Sportorte und vieles Weiteres.

Mugen-Kai: mind & body defense

This course will be held in English!

The name Mugen-Kai is a Japanese term for infinite school. It explains the principle that martial arts is a journey, not a destination, improvement never ends. In this class you will learn techniques from several martial arts.

This Course includes two different trainings per Week! 

Class will be divided into main 4 parts:

Meditation sessions at the beginning and ending of the class: Meditation is the part that will help you focus on the moment and leave any troubles you had during the day out of the dojo (training ground). Regular meditation will positively affect your daily life in many aspects.

Basic exercises: Basic exercises are designed to give you the coordination ability required in all martial arts and fighting sports, when you get better at these exercises it will allow you to train different fighting arts together. These exercises are the intersection point of several fighting sports and martial arts.

Implementation of the techniques and slow (no-low contact) sparring: In theory everything works fine but when you have to fight nothing happens exactly as the theory.to overcome this problem we will do slow sparring.
Slow sparring will help you in the following subjects:

  • Get used to different variation of attacks and adapt your techniques.

  • Simulating real life in slow speed.

  • Over time will help you overcame panic and confusion in a confrontation situation

Self-defense principles: In self-defense principles we will talk about what can you do other than going into physical contact:

  • How human mind works and how can we use it to our advantage.
  • How to see few steps ahead so we can avoid the confrontation before it starts.
  • Who can join? Is there any pre requirements?
  • Individuals: You do not know any martial arts. This class will give you a wide vision of what is the essence of martial arts. In the long term, this course will allow you to begin other martial arts class and will give you adaptation skill to their teachings.
  • Professionals: You are a practitioner of a fighting sports or martial arts. This class is highly recommended. You can improve faster than individuals, also you can combine the knowledge and you can add useful skills to your current martial arts training.

Bring along: Comfortable clothes/sportswear

Instructor: Yalcin Kalafat, dont hesitate to aks if you have further Questions. Phone:  015778778496

link to our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWF00pztbuM

Course fee: The course fee indicated under price applies in this order for students/employees/external and is valid for the course duration indicated under period. Please note our conditions of participation and the information on registration and waiting list, on payment methods and on rebooking and cancellation of courses.

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Sporthalle Schönbuchschule
WG West
14.10.19-30.03.20/18.10.19-03.0420Yalcin Kalafat
35/ 40/ 70/ -- €
35 EUR
für Studierende

40 EUR
für Beschäftigte

70 EUR
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